Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel

 51. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  Almost fifty years later: the journalist: French is: back: on the subject, published: the wise historian: "The agreement: of: Metz" between Kremlin: and: Vatican (Pages, 2011), with a: preface and: a: afterword of the : prof. Roberto: de Mattei in the: collection: "The books of the: Borghese." For initiative of the: house: publishing and: of the: Lepanto Foundation: The volume is been: presented: the public: to: Rome, to Palace: Ferrajoli, September 20, 2011, to: presence: author, the publisher of: Pages, Luciano: Lucarini, of the journalist, and writer: parliamentary, Gennaro: Malgieri, and: of the : prof. Roberto: de Mattei .. to the end of the meeting: Jean Madiran has: remembered: that means the Agreement: of: Metz is been: found: late for: precise: will:

52. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] of: hide: from: the media: and: the powers that be, while, in: compensation, "the: Printing: Communist regimes gave ample: space: the event." Back to: speak on the agreement: of: Metz and: shed further light on this: Page: dark: of the: history of the Church: is: something: of: a timely one, so: more. that: "to those who believe that: Communism: not: longer exists, it should be: remembered : that: because: of: that agreement: the Church: has: forced: if: same: to: not: condemn more. no: aberration and: today risk: of: witness the: end of the: her: same: Magisterium. "[all evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel]

53. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] La: battle of Lepanto: 440 years later. 7 October 1571 the army: Christian tour: from: Don John of Austria: faced : and: won: the: fleet: Turkish: in the waters of Lepanto, by running: an: decline: Empire: Ottoman: that: would culminate, as well as an: century more. late with wins Christian to Vienna: (1683) and: to: Belgrade (1717). Per day: today, to: in front of: an: Islam always more. warlike: and: eager: of Conquest, is: should: reflect on the events and: the circumstances which, in the: second: middle: of the: sixteenth century, led: to an: epic battle: of: civilization, resolved with: victory: Christian.'s theme: is been: discussed: October 7, during the conference: Lepanto: to: 440 years after: battle, which took to Rome, at: Residence Ripetta:

54. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  and: promoted: from: Lepanto Foundation: and: of the Institute: National: Guard: to honor Royal Tombs of the Pantheon. Nella: his: opening: the work, the captain: of: vessel: Ugo: d'Atri, President of the Institute: National: Guard: honor to the Royal Tombs of the Pantheon , has: remember: the importance of the: battle of Lepanto: that: marks: the: defeat: of: an: army: Ottoman: was: found: invincible, in: age: marked: from: strong geopolitical divisions in the: Mediterranean area. Secondly, the: historical: and archaeologist: Mary: Grace: Siliato, Lepanto: is: in: first place: "a: class: of the: spirit," though: was: a: victory: obtained: the dear price: of the: Blood of Thousands: of: European Christians, victims of the: cruel barbarism of the Turks.

55.  [all evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements , for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] La: battle of Lepanto: also provides one: Starting: to reflect on the concept of "war right." as: has: observed: Maximum: de Leonardis, professor of: History: of the: International Relations University: Catholic: of the: Sacred: Heart of Milan, the catechism of the Church: Catholic: (2321) recognizes as: self: not: more: the: war: defense: but: also the attack, in the: case: in: that it is of preserving the: our: civilization. "The: Doctrine: Social rejects pacifism: - has: said de Leonardis - that: is: almost always: capitulation of: front inequity. The Church: it is, if anything, peacemaking."

56. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] Anecdotes and: peculiarities: on: battle of Lepanto: are been told of the: Admiral: Ezio: Ferrante, second: which one: defeat would have caused the collapse: of the Republic: of Venice, then the spread of the Turks to: Italy, to: the Tyrrhenian sea: and: to: Europe: Western Europe. Instead, grace of God, came one: victory: that: "not: it was then: an: triumph of the: on the cross: crescent, because: a: victory of the freedom, that: 440 years after : is: right: remember. " [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] Roberto: de Mattei has: connected: the: battle of Lepanto: the: new: crucial victory

57. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] over the Turks, took place: 112 years later: the: of: Vienna: of the: 1683. Just as an: century: first,: Christianity: and: the West were: saved from: faith and: of the: heroism: of: Don John of Austria: and: of: Saint Pius IV, to: end of the: XVII century shone: two figures counterparts, that: of: Pope Innocent: XI and: the: of the: genius of military: Eugenio: of: Savoy. Those of Vienna, Budapest (1686) and: Belgrade (1717) would be: were the last victories of the: Christianity: Islam, before: of the: disruption of the secularists: the French Revolution. Despite the: de-Christianization that: by: wears two centuries: the old man continent, "the: Spirit of Lepanto: not: is: never die: and is: the: spirit of the Church: Militant." [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions,

58. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] Because after: the Vatican II Church: is: input: in: crisis. The volume: Bella: Sleeping Beauty. why: after: Vatican II: church: is: input: in: crisis. why: you wake up: (Vallecchi, 2011, p. 243) of: Alessandro: Gnocchi and Mario: Palmaro, is been: presented: to Santa: Balbina: October 26. Second, Alessandro: Gnocchi, the Vatican II represented a: news: dramatic improvement in the Church, in: first place: on the floor of the: language. An attempt was made of: adapt the Church: the myths of the early '60s, in: particular, the myth of "a world that: today not: Is there more, an: World Launched:

59. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] to: an: future: best, of: fact, not: it is: ever made. " The Council Fathers, so - many of: them, probably, in: good-faith - fell for the illusion: of: to "sell an: Product" by adopting: an: language: new, very nearby: to: the: of the : advertising. "No: but notice - has: continued: Gnocchi - that: the" product "not: he: nothing: from: to tell a" customer "that he preferred: the originals. Thus, the Church, that: has: tried: of: to conquer the world, it is: over: conquered. " [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] La: Bella: Sleeping Beauty: unmount: an: location: still common: long: in: vogue:

60. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] to: subject: which the Council: is: no: bush: and: all: the distortions are: due only: to misinterpretation of the time: the post-conciliar. in: Actually, if: the results not: are: were those expected, that is: had, as: has: stressed: in the: his: action: prof. Mario: Palmaro, to "contradictions already: existing in those documents of the: Council: and: also to: problems that: tore: the Church: already: before: of the: 60s," has: said: from : her part: Mario: Palmaro. [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] as: refers to the subtitle of the: book: of: Gnocchi and: Palmaro, however, the: church,

61. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] "wake up." This: optimism, explain: the authors, is: motivated: in: first place: by: a: Grace: Sanctifying that: not: never stop of: operating and: that: supports the Church: even in its more. blinds. [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] Lucio Lami to: Lepanto Foundation. "We have: inherited: the Soviet one: truth on two levels: that: surreal, where all: to be, well, and: that: real, where you clash with: reality.'s Art is been: the: of: be able to: get them to behave "merciless: and the: same: time: concrete: the analysis carried out: from the known: and writer: journalist Lucio:"

62. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] In fact, we are: passed from the world of information in the world of the: Communication ", has: said: Lami. an: passage: not: painless, since ": communication is: private information: of the ratio: morality. all: is lowered: of the: high: as: in: a: of species: Big Brother. We : when you enter the: world: of Orwell ". Second, Lami, "we are: get to miscegenation: morality, it that: the Pope defines relativism, a: sort: of: syncretism: based: ignorance." It should, however, go back to the sources, including Tradition: "Today there Is: the: tendency: to: consider: Tradition as: the habit: the old - declares the distinguished speaker -. Is: as: if: it was decided: that: the flour: not: need more. to: make bread. in: reality,: Tradition is: respect: the fundamental

63. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  principles codified in time. not: Is there: need: of: restore: is : yes: there. " [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] Magdi Cristiano: Allam: "Italy: bait: of the: euro". Live: an: time: "not: rhetorically crucial for the fate of the: our: civilization: and: humanity." So has: debut: Magdi Cristiano: Allam in the: conference: against: the: dictatorship of the: relativism: and: the powers that be: the identity: Christian: Italy held: the: last: Dec. 9 at : la: Lepanto Foundation: to: presence: of: 200. A: a reflection of the: journalist and MEP Italy-Egypt: it is: follows: mainly on: the crisis

64. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] of Europe: and: of the: money: one, to: from: his: architrave: the Treaty: of: of Maastricht: in which: the: month marks the twentieth anniversary. [all evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] In: Allam European integration: has: led: exclusively: Birth: of: an: super-state, with: loss: of the: sovereignty, monetary as: Part of the: member states. in: name of the euro: is been: done: an: true: and: its "strike: of: state: financial" that: has: led: to: fall: of: democratically elected governments as: what: greek: and: what: Italian. A: true: crisis - European: and: world - however: not: is: only one:

65. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] the economic crisis. To: basis of: all: there is: that: the moral crisis that already: in the: 1989 after the collapse: the communist regimes, Pope John Paul II had: intuition, unmasking: "Europe: forced : to: look within, an: continent that: had: lost: its Christian roots, an: continent: re-evangelize ". What is: therefore the model of Italy: that: MEP supports, in: opposed to the strong countries? First: an Italy: "out of the: euro," because "without: a: sovereignty Monetary not: is: a conceivable: true: sovereignty: The National: New: Italy: emancipated: of the: oppression" Eurocratic "and: the. economic colonization: Chinese, you will: be though, in: first place: the protagonist: of: an: change: cultural to: 360 degrees, in: alternative: to: an: Model:

66. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  insane: that: requires us of: "produce of: more. to spend of more. " [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] La: spoliation of the Church. March 13th, 2011. source of: Angela: Pellicciari - totuus tuus. A kingdom that: little: o: nothing knew: of the: remainder: Italy: does the unification of the: country. Paying: an: tribute, determining the powers of, and Masonic: of the enemy: the Papacy. Thus was born the: anti-Christian legislation. [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel]

67. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:] *** To understand an: phenomenon: historical (like any other: Type: of: reality) do the following: From: questions well asked. to: purpose: of: Risorgimento: a: good: question is: as: never is: risen: to: Champion of: Italian style: a: State: peripheral: to: horse of the Alps, not: comparable history : and importance to the cultural: State: of the Church, the Kingdom: of the: or the Two Sicilies: the more. small: Grand Duchy: of Tuscany? as: why the Italian unification: is: match: own: the Kingdom: of: Sardinia in the: which Parliament: they talked, often, in: French? The: answer: is: unequivocal: why: the Savoy: have: paid: an: price: that: the other sovereigns not: were: willing to: pay. why: have: unified: Italy: fighting: the: profound identity: cultural, religious,

68. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  artistic and even economic growth: of the: country. in: a: word: have: Accepted: of: pass over: to interest more. life of the population: that after: the unit is been: changed: in: also: the people of beggars forced to emigrate. Thing unheard in the: nation that: from: more. of: two millennia was: the Bel Paese. Rich, handsome, cultured, civilized, supportive, hospitable. The only allies that: the Savoy: have: found: to become king of: an: area: residential: as: Italy: (a: part n: small: number: of: the revolutionaries from other Member of the: Peninsula ) are: states that: of: not: Italian: you could imagine: the United Protestant and: Masonic that: at the time: dominate, the world. To have them support political, economic and military rulers Sardinians
Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Anxiety high as rebels take over Central African Republic. Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, in 2012. (Photo: Kalyan3 / Flickr / Creative Commons) President flees; churches and Christian homes looted. March 27 (World Watch Monitor) — A three-month-old rebel uprising in the Central African Republic swept into the country's capital Sunday, ousting the president and leaving ransacked Christian homes and churches in its wake. A source close to the Episcopal Conference of the Central African Republic told World Watch Monitor that many Christians' properties have been looted. Cars, electronics and other goods were stolen. The main Cathedral of Bangui, the premises of Caritas Charity, and the houses of a number of religious communities were targeted by armed men, said the source, who is a Catholic priest and asked not to be publicly identified, for security reasons.

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Several rebel groups unhappy with the government of President Francois Bozizé, joined forces in December under the banner Séléka and within weeks had taken control of much of the country's north, northeast and the central regions. Landlocked and largely impoverished, the French-speaking Central African Republic has a long history of unstable, military governments since it gained independence in 1960. Bozizé, who rose to power in a coup 10 years ago, fled Sunday to neighbouring Cameroon. The rebellion swept out of the north, where the country's Muslim minority is concentrated, giving it a militant Islamic character, experts said. "Given the rebellion's origins in the north, we can assume there are many Muslims in their ranks" said Roland Marchal, a sub-Saharan researcher at France's National Centre for Scientific Research, in published news accounts.

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Looting is being reported across the capital, Bangui. ''We live in a great fear," the Catholic priest said. "Séléka's leaders must take measures to protect our premises. Right now, properties belonging to Muslims in our neighbourhood are not attacked.''It is difficult to evaluate the extent of the looting, he said, because communication systems are down and many residents have restricted their movements. Water and power supplies have been suspended, plunging the capital into darkness. Local sources said the main detention centre in Bangui was attacked and its occupants are on the loose, adding to the climate of fear. A curfew has been imposed. Victims say that since Séléka militants overran Gambo and Bangassou in the southeast on March 11, they have increasingly targeted the Christian population.

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Msgr. Juan José Aguirre Muños, Bishop of Bangassou, said rebels stole a dozen mission cars, and destroyed a number of church buildings when they entered the town. In a letter sent to World Watch Monitor, Muños said Séléka forces robbed and destroyed the rector's house of the diocesan minor seminary, the carpenter's shop, the internet centre, the Catholic college, the pharmacy, and a new surgery block, among other facilities. The mission mechanic, Jean Marie, was severely beaten, Muños said, because he would not reveal where some automobiles were hidden. Rebels also targeted government buildings such as the Bangassou town hall. Muños said they threw patients to the floor to steal their mattresses.

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Meanwhile, he said, ''they respected only mosques and Muslim traders, to whom they gave our goods to sell." In town of Ndele, Pastor Jean Bosco Ndakouzou said rebels looted his house and likely would have killed him had he been home at the time. Elsewhere, in Bambari, rebels destroyed a Baptist church, burning church benches as firewood, local sources said. Rev. Leo Tibenda, a priest in the Catholic Comboni order, told Catholic News Service the rebels initially gave assurances they would not target religious communities, but the uprising quickly took on Islamist overtones. "They started victimizing local Christians, telling them their cattle, many given by the church via Caritas, now belonged to the state. Most wear turbans, which isn't the custom here, and are much better armed than the government's soldiers.

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] Their presence is fuelling serious tension between local Christians and Muslims," Tibenda told Catholic News Service. "The general mood here is that the Muslim community has been in collusion with Séléka," he is quoted as saying. Since independence, the former French colony has faced numerous military coups and rebellions. Bozizé came to power in 2003 following a rebellion that deposed Ange-Félix Patassé. A number of peace deals signed over years have failed to bring lasting stability. Despite its considerable natural resources — uranium, diamonds, gold, timber, cotton and coffee — the Central African Republic is one of Africa's poorest countries. Adding to the climate of instability is the fact that most of the Central African Republic's neighbours -- South Sudan, Chad, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo

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[[Saudi Arabia, imperialism said: "exterminate the Christians!"]] -- likewise have experienced political crises, with rebellions still active in some of them. The latest truce between rebels and the Bozizé government, signed in Libreville, Gabon, lasted less than three months. On March 21, the day after the expiration of an ultimatum of 72 hours given to Bozizé to comply with the terms of the truce, rebels resumed fighting. The rapid advance of Séléka fighters has prompted several African countries, from as far away as South Africa, to intervene. Troops from Chad, Cameroon, Republic of Congo and Gabon were supposed to protect the capital Bangui from the advancing rebels. The self-proclaimed new president of the Central African Republic, Michel Djotodia, has pledged to respect the Libreville peace deal, according to French media. He said he is willing to form a national unity government hold elections in three years.

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sorry --offline -- shalom + salam = blessings too

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cursed the man who is a liar [cursed the man who is a liar!] he is cursed, the way life is rejected! cursed is he, that: make curse of the mysteries of God, That or he is to make worldly works, on religious, subjects ((For Their blasphemous fun). one who invents stories, about, religion: he is Eradicated: immediately: by the tent of the living! his days will be shortened! [cursed the man who is a liar!]! cursed be the deceiver: liar! who cursed him, he says Things That, he do not know, in blasphemous attitude, against religion! damn, the enemy of God, damn, the enemy of our Creator! damn, who Produces, images, and false documents! Because, one falsehood can kill: the whole human race!

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Israelis and Palestinians have both the right to have, all of Palestine, and is why both the sharia (around the world), the State of Israel, shall be destroyed together .. so they can live together, as one people .. only in this mode, so, there will be peace Israeliani e Palestinesi hanno entrambi, il diritto ad avere tutta la Palestina, ecco perché, sia la sharia(in tutto il mondo) che, lo Stato di Israele, devono essere distrutti insieme.. così possono vivere insieme come un solo popolo.. così soltanto, ci sarà la pace

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I wish there were revenge for the 6 day war. It was a hostile land grab by Israel. That is what the 1973 war was about and Syria almost defeated Israel but President Nixon gave Israel the largest military airlift in history and changed the balance of the war. Golda Meir threatened Nixon with a nuclear bomb and that is why he helped. However, today the Arab League is different and they care very little about the Palestinians.

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IMF FED, CIA NATO, USA, ARAB LEAGUE, masonic system (synagogue of JaBullOn) - are all accomplice: against Israel,() is why, they have removing all dictators,and are spreading the Islamists

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the Arab League, has changed its strategy, infact, will act treacherously, suddenly, this time! just as Israel remains safe! ignorant and unaware of the trap, which is why, they replaced all Muslims with Islamists! to encircle Israel, again ... this is a secret!

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All the Arab League? are Zionists, who do not recognize, again, the State of Israel.. the Arab League, is waiting for the moment of revenge for the Six Day War!

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Israel is under no threat of annihilation. They are cunning and because of this they are very very powerful. Saudi Arabia and all Muslims are like an ant to Israel's power.

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If Saudi Arabia were Zionists? then gave their desert to gather all the Jews in the world! ma, all this salafis, are all fake allies! is only a death trap against Israel.

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If Saudi Arabia ever formed a Caliphate, they would let Israel remain. Arabian Peninsula Muslims are Zionists. King Faisal made a pact with Chaim Weizmann supporting Zionism and said they didn't consider Palestinians as Arabs so they didn't care what the Jews did to them. The Saudis are much the same way.

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yes, Saudi Arabia. wants to exploit, Israel, for its own purposes, only .. but then the time comes for his betrayal, because, it has been programmed, the betrayal, including some countries of the "Arab League" si, Saudi Arabia. vuole sfruttare Israele per i suoi scopi, soltanto, .. ma, poi, arriverà il momento del suo tradimento, perché è stato programmato, tra, alcuni paesi della "lega araba"

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Saudi Arabia, criminal, jihad for worldwide caliphate, is so allied with Israel, which has not yet recognized Israel as a nation! is why, for do worldwide caliphate? Israel will be destroyed

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Israel is way more powerful than Saudi Arabia. Israel is one of the most powerful nations on the planet. They are under no threat of annihilation because they hold influence over many nations.

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in fact, the greatest enemy of Israel is Saudi Arabia, they are completely false, traditori, traitors! In fact, there is already a secret plan made ​​with the Pharisees, to destroy Israel in realtà, il più grande nemico, di Israele è l'Arabia Saudita, loro sono completamente falsi! infatti, c'è già un piano segreto, fatto con i farisei per distruggere Israele

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Abu Antar --- this is true, also, for you that you are a secret agent! in fact, you can not say everything you think, that is in your heart! but, I am only the agent, of JHWH, ie agent of truth, are not paid by anyone, and I tell you all what my heart wants to say! questo è vero anche per te che, tu sei un agente segreto! infatti, tu non puoi dire tutto quello che pensa il tuo cuore! ma, io sono soltanto, l'agente della verità, non sono pagato da nessuno, ed io dico tutto quello che il mio cuore vuole dire!

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IN FACT, without unius REI, life is no longer possible, on this planet, because all politicians have focused only, to speak through, hypocrisy and lies of Satan INFATTI , senza Unius REI, la vita non è più possibile, su questo pianeta, perché, tutti i politici, si sono specializzati, soltanto, a parlare attraverso,ipocrisie e le bugie di satana

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for this I am UNIUS REI!

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Yeah, people need to stop being evil.

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Israel and Saudi Arabia are the lair of the devil, today! then, things have to change for Israel! God wants to destroy the State of Israel, ie system Masonic for 666: banking seigniorage, because, God has asked to me, to make the Kingdom of Palestine, into: monetary sovereignty ... however, Iran must give up sharia.. Israele e Arabia Saudita, sono la tana del demonio, oggi! quindi, le cose devono cambiare per Israele! Dio vuole distruggere lo Stato massonico del signoraggio bancario di Israele, perché Dio ha chiesto di realizzare il Regno, nella sovranità monetaria... ma, anche l'Iran deve rinunciare alla sharia

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Israel and Saudi Arabia are one team and Syria and Iran are the other team.

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Abu Antar --- noi possiamo fare: un unico regno: tra: Siria Iran ed Israele: e poi dichiariamo guerra all'Arabia Saudita!

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Saudi King -- bastardo.

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@king Saudi Arabia --- tu hai pagato per distruggere la Siria, e sarai, anche, tu, a pagare per la sua ricostruzione!

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maledetto: John Forbes Kerry, 322, Bush sia maledetto, e tutti i maledetti massoni: siano castigati nella loro carne putrida! io maledico tutti i complici dei farisei! maledetti tutti i miei nemici nel nome di Gesù JHWH holy, ... il loro ricordo sia di maledizione, per i secoli dei secoli, in eterno, i miei ministri hanno l'ordine di eseguire le mie sentenze!

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io sto proteggendo la Siria.. e lei non cadrà!

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71. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  the: removal of: old religious orders, which are protected by: Statute for a: simple question of: good: administration. [All evil predators, of: ideologies and religions, Such as acts, needed requirements, for the super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: Democracies: Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: for the destruction of Israel] *** The "reasons" of: Rattazzi. Let's look: in: detail: the motivations proposals: Parliament: a) the mendicant orders and: contemplatives are useless, so harmful. So says Urbano Rattazzi, that: has: also expertise: on worship as: Minister: of the: justice in Piedmont. The Kingdom: Sardinian, that: you define liberal, decides of: a clear: large: reality: social, religious, cultural and economic, why: the: Defines useless so harmful.

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73. _90.[super predator. IMF-NWO, all the false: democracies: Masonic: of seigniorage banKING:]  of: more than 100,000 lire", there are: others ": which income: not: reach: even: at 500 pounds. is: maybe right, is, perhaps allowing for: neo: the principles of the: religion that: there is: this: disparities between: members of the: clergy? No, certainly. " The project, says the minister, "intends to introduce: more. Fair: distribution of church property." in: good: substance: Rattazzi supports: need: of: equality do: you: to remove: who has: of: more. to give to: who has: of: not. Who could have: imagine: vein: Leninist so strong: in: also: Minister: Liberal? When: Pio IX - since 1846, at the time: of the: her: first: Encyclical: - warns liberals of the: danger: Communist is: an: a good prophet: shaking: the rights of the: property: private: (and of the: more.

Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
21. China
Though China has dropped out of the top twenty for the first time in the WWL,
this is due to persecution getting worse in other countries and the Chinese
situation remaining relatively stable. Debate does rage over whether it is
getting better, and indeed some commentators argue persecution is largely
over, or whether it is getting worse. The truth, as usual, is a mixture of both.
Freedom rising?
Christianity continues to grow very rapidly in China today. Figures from even
official sources released in 2011 show that 23 million belong to the registered
or official Chinese Protestant church, and that there are between 40-50 million
unregistered Christians. Some other estimates are much higher. The most
rapidly growing strand is the so called “third wave” churches, i.e., neither
official, nor rural, but primarily urban, a form of “emerging church” composed
of highly educated, young professionals that seek to be more open in their
worship and in their relationship with the state and commit to engage with
society’s needs. To keep from government interference, they generally cap their
meeting numbers at 200, though many in certain cities rent large premises for
Sunday meetings, exploiting a legal uncertainty as to whether these churches
may own property and function independently.
Over 450 foreign ministries work in China today. House church leaders may
hold conferences abroad, and frequently ask for help for their “primary
discipleship challenge—dealing with materialism.” Christian bosses often hold
Bible studies with their workers in factories. Some networks seek to offer
humanitarian aid. Christian bookstores are popping up throughout the
country; unprecedented access to sermons, Bible translations, even interactive
prayer and counselling, is possible through the Internet for millions of
Christians, though not all of them.
In addition, credible sources from the Open Doors network report that
government representatives have been carrying on an open dialogue with
selected house church leaders, leading many to believe that the government is
“finally understanding that the house church Christians are not a political
threat to the state.” One political leader was heard to warn his colleagues, “We
do not want to be fighting our friends.” Also, there is evidence that the
government needs to find allies to deal with the dangerous moral vacuum that
is developing as a result of “crony capitalism,” corruption and inequality, and it
may consider the church to be such a valuable ally. When house churches
assisted so prominently in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake in May
2008, many point to a change of attitude among political leaders from
negative to positive as a result.
Freedom worsening?
China is still a one-party state, with a government that fails to grant most
Christians their full religious rights. Even those who worship in officially
sanctioned churches are formally allowed to practice their faith only inside the
church building. The government prevented China’s Christian delegates from
travelling to a Cape Town gathering last October because they were forbidden
to sign the Lausanne Covenant ahead of the meeting, which mandated a far
broader commitment to evangelism than China would allow. Worse, it is a
government that is getting increasingly paranoid in the light of the Arab
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
Spring, and the budget for internal security in the next five-year plan actually
surpasses the defense budget.
Headlines have been dominated in 2011 by a large independent house
church in Beijing, the Shouwang church. It was deliberately seeking to clarify
the legal position of house churches to determine if house churches could
own property without becoming part of the official church. After fruitlessly
seeking legal guidance from the authorities, they went ahead, refurbished a
third floor of a building and sought to buy it from a landlord. When the
landlord was willing to sell, the government stepped in to prevent the church
from buying it. The incident became a grim public spectacle on April 11 when
members attempted to meet in the new premises. They were barred, and a
group held services in protest in the open air. One of the pastors of the
1,000-strong congregation has been put under house arrest, and according
to China Aid more than 700 members have been detained for short periods
since then. It must be said that the Shouwang church is confronting the
government deliberately to gain clarity on whether a genuinely independent
status can be achieved for a house church, but it is a stance that has drawn
criticism from other house church leaders, one of whom said, “Look, you
have to play cat and mouse—we know we can worship if we don’t put a sign
up and or look too official.”
Nevertheless, more severe repression was a reality for some in the reporting
period, especially among those who seek to press for rights, justice and
supporting the Shouwang church. One pastor, Shi Enhao, was sentenced to
two years labor camp in July, supposedly for organizing “illegal meetings,” a
code for house churches. But the real reason was his belonging to an
organization called the Chinese House Church Alliance, where seventeen
pastors presented a petition to the national People’s Congress on May 10
calling for more freedom. The whereabouts of prominent Christian defense
lawyer Gao Zhisheng remains a mystery since his disappearance into police
custody in February 2009, and Chinese authorities remain tight-lipped despite
well-publicized appeals in 2011. Those who work with Uyghur churches face
severe harassment, as China clamps down on Muslim extremism. Xinjiang
house church leader Alimujiang Yimiti, jailed for 15 years in August of 2009
for allegedly “unlawfully providing state secrets to overseas organizations”
was told in February 2011 that his appeal had been unsuccessful. China Aid
organization said the number of Christians detained in the reporting period
exceeded 300 over eleven provinces, though few were sentenced.
Future Freedom?
Few expect major changes in the church-state dynamics in the coming years,
especially with the tense political environment that always precedes a top
leadership change (in Fall 2012 for the Party and in Spring 2013 for the
State). The Chinese Communist Party is not about to share power with any
group or institution any time soon, and as long as that is the case, the church
will be relatively free only insofar as it does not threaten the paranoia of the
Party. There is a space of opportunity for churches and ministries. But the
rules of engagement are never clear, and as the newer house churches seek
to press for more justice and influence in society, and encroach on activities
hitherto regarded as the monopoly of the state, it may get worse again.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
22. Qatar
The Economist Intelligence Unit summarizes the situation of Qatar as follows:
“The emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, will focus on economic and
foreign policy issues. However, given the ongoing regional social unrest, he will
be increasingly inclined to initiate domestic political reforms.” As in other Arab
countries, 2011 was characterized by unseen levels of social unrest, although in
the case of Qatar, the position of the reigning emir was never threatened. One
of the reasons that the reigning emir was never threatened was because he
raised the public sector salaries by 60%.
Nearly all Qatari citizens and nationals (approximately 225,000) are by
definition either Sunni or Shi'a Muslims, and the state religion is strictly
conservative Islam. The majority of the estimated more than 1.8 million people
in Qatar are foreigners on temporary employment contracts who are treated as
slaves. There are approximately 90,000 Christians in the country, most of them
foreign workers.
The Qatari Constitution declares that ‘freedom to practice religious rites shall
be guaranteed to all persons in accordance with the law and the requirements
of the maintenance of public order and morality.’ In reality, expat Christians are
restricted in practicing their faith. The government prohibits proselytizing of
non-Muslims and restricts public worship, which is usually only allowed in
assigned compounds. Foreign workers who evangelize are frequently deported.
Some have had the renewal of their visa denied afterwards. During the current
reporting period, several foreign workers were deported for their Christian
activities. Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Coptic, and Asian Christian churches
have legal status and only expats can attend. Recognition is hard to obtain, at
least 1,500 registered congregants are required.
A Muslim who converts from Islam to another religion is considered an
apostate and may face the death penalty. However, no execution or other
punishment for apostasy has been recorded since the country’s independence
in 1971. Nevertheless, converts face severe persecution from their families and
peers as well as from the government, which does not recognize their
conversion and considers them Muslims. From time to time, we receive reports
that Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) are being physically harmed for their
faith by family or peers, who view the conversion as harming the honor of the
family. As a result of this oppression, MBBs strongly protect their anonymity.
This year, the total of points for Qatar decreased slightly (47 versus 48.5 last
year) bringing the country from position 17 to 22. Yet this does not mean the
situation for Christians has improved. The minor decrease in points is explained
by the fact that we did not receive any reports of physical harm of Christians
(though it is very likely that this happens, especially to MBBs) and fewer
Christian foreign workers were deported for Christian activities than last year.
It is hard to tell what the future will look like for Qatar. As long as the people
are kept satisfied through increased salaries or “Arab Spring pay-offs,” the
status quo may well remain in the oil and gas rich Gulf state. However, since
the latest riots in the Middle East, the local population seems to becoming
more open to change and this may be the beginning of a more open attitude
towards the gospel as well.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
23. Algeria
Starting in December 2010, major protests in Algeria against the
authoritarian regime led to the lifting of the 19-year-old state of emergency,
imposed to help the Algerian authorities during a brutal conflict with Islamist
rebels in the 1990s. The protests, in which 5 people were killed and over 800
injured, were brought to a halt after only a few months due to massive police
repression. Unlike in neighboring countries, these protests did not bring
about a regime change. The military government headed by President
Abdelaziz Bouteflika is still largely in place and its continuity was not really
threatened by the lifting of the state of emergency, although it is of symbolic
Recent Algerian politics have been characterized by high levels of instability,
but oppression of Christians has been constant. Church leaders indicate that
there is an increase of pressure on Christians and that many doors are
closing. The very young Algerian church (mostly consisting of first generation
believers) faces many forms of discrimination by the state and by family
members. Islamist groups, particularly Salafists, encouraged by the Arab
Spring in other North African countries, are increasing their pressure on a
government that already works with Islamic parties; however, the Islamic
Salvation Front (FIS) is still forbidden. Islamists are becoming more and more
visible and monitor the activity of Christians.
Algeria dropped to position 24 after ranking 22nd on last year’s WWL, but it
increased in points. In 2011, the situation for Christians in Algeria
deteriorated slightly, with an increase in the number of reported incidents.
The court case of Karim Siaghi, a Christian convert who was sentenced to 5
years of prison in May, is an example of this. He gave a Christian CD to a
neighbor on his request who then claimed Siaghi had insulted Muhammad.
Another example of persecution is the church closures by the governor of
Bejaïa Province; he stated that all churches in the province were illegal
because they were unregistered. The government has not registered any new
churches since enforcing Ordinance 06-03 in February 2008, so many
Christian citizens continue to meet in unofficial "house churches," which are
often homes or business offices of church members. Some of these groups
meet openly, while others secretly hold worship services in homes.
The apparently positive news that the EPA (Algerian Protestant Church) finally
obtained registration after many years turned out to be a disappointment.
Although the exact reasons for the central government to recognize the EPA
as a council of Protestant churches are not known, it is believed that the
government wanted to give a good impression to the international
community. However, no real freedom was given and local churches must still
obtain their own registration. The recognition of the EPA did in fact bring
more control. On a local level oppression has intensified and no local
churches belonging to the EPA have been registered. There are reports of
local churches being closed and missionaries detained. The very restrictive
ordinance 06-03 that prohibits proselytizing is still enforced. For the coming
year, no dramatic improvements in the situation of Algerian Christians are
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
24. Comoros
Although Comoros went down in the World Watch List 2012 from position 21
to 24, the persecution dynamics stayed the same: though hardly any incident
was reported, government restraints remained tight and mainstream Muslim
society firmly stayed alert for “dissidents.” In the context of Islamic extremism
both government and society acted as drivers of persecution, but the emphasis
was on society.
A referendum passed in May 2009 installed Islam to be the state religion,
infringing seriously upon freedom of religion. The penal code prohibits
proselytizing for any religion except Islam. Any converts from Islam to
Christianity can be prosecuted in court. Therefore, Muslim Background Believers
operate in underground fellowships. Only expatriates are allowed to operate
churches in the country. Police are vigilant and question foreigners closely so
that they don’t distribute religious materials.
The indigenous Muslim community puts much pressure on non-Muslim citizens
and foreigners to practice elements of Islam in Comoros, particularly during
Ramadan. This intimidates non-Muslims and causes them to worship in
seclusion and in fear. To see such harshness from the Islanders is unexpected.
Most citizens know each other well and are friendly to each other regardless of
faith. The influence of radical elements from Iran, however, causes Muslims in
local mosques to be vigilant about Christian activities. A source person stated,
“Through them the Christian faith is constantly vilified, they hype the emotions,
and encourage persecution.”
Iranian influence goes back to Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, the previous
President of Comoros elected in May 2006. He was a cleric and businessman
who studied Islamic political theory in Iran and was a close friend to Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad. They developed bilateral ties on economic
issues and exchange of research, technology and information in 2006. Ever
since, the two countries have had cultural and political commonalities, and
have maintained close relations. The political and religious influence of Iran has
been very strong, now even more with the demise of Col. Muamar Gadaffi of
Libya, who was trying to compete with Iran.
The new believers have withstood a lot of pressure, and now they have more
acceptance in some parts of society than before. For instance, in Gran Comoros
the believers have to worship in secret. Relatives of the people have accepted
the new faith of the believers, while the other parties (police, extremist
elements, Mosque leadership) are not open to this. In the region Anjouan,
especially the town Mutsamadu, the believers and their place of worship are
known, but nobody has bothered them. This positive tendency is however
balanced by a mainstream society that sternly guards Muslim rules and
worship, and radical elements from Iran who eagerly correct signs of
weakening of anti-Christian sentiment. Whether actively involved or not,
government has established the necessary framework for this persecution
dynamic. Open Doors expects persecution to grow in the near future. The
number of believers is reported to be growing in size and strength. Although
numbers are still very limited, that can’t but encourage negative reactions from
the different parties involved in the religious setting in the Comoros.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
25. Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan ranks lower than last year, but increased in points.
The Republic of Azerbaijan, bordering Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and
Iran, is officially a secular state, somewhat comparable to the Turkish model.
The majority of its population is Muslim. The government has a negative
attitude towards any form of religion. The attitude towards Christians is not
different. Fundamentalist Islam is perceived as a destabilizing factor for the
country’s rulers. The presence of a huge Azeri community in Islamic Iran to the
south is a cause of concern.
The influence of traditional Islam is growing in various regions of this country.
The oppression of Christians is not only religious, but also nationalistic/ethnic.
Azeri believers are considered traitors as Christianity is associated with the
country’s archenemy, Armenia.
The general perception of Christians in Azerbaijan is negative. According to our
reports, official checks are becoming increasingly strict. The government has
become more active in controlling religion, and, compared to previous years,
the position of Christians has deteriorated. All churches and religious groups
were required to renew their registration by Jan. 1, 2010, but since that date
no new churches have been able to get registration. Unregistered religious
activities are punishable, and the fines on breaking the law are high, but
successful registration is close to impossible. Almost all Protestant
denominations are still without legal status. Private homes cannot be used for
holding religious services. Congregations without registration get into trouble
with the police. Protestant churches are raided, with church leaders arrested or
There is no freedom at all to build church buildings. Churches need explicit
permission to do so, and this is hardly ever granted. Over the past year no such
permission was given. Christians often refrain from even beginning the
permission procedure. Under the December 2010 legislation, it is illegal for
unregistered churches to meet, but some take the risk anyway.
Many Christians are unable to find or keep jobs and are watched closely by the
secret services. The role of the secret services and police is important, but there
is also a Committee on Religious Affairs which controls almost everything.
However, the number of indigenous believers continues to grow, and some
continue to be active in outreach despite the risk. The growth of the church is
encouraging, but under increasing legislative restrictions, oppression is also
expected to increase.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
26. Libya
Libya drops one position on the WWL to number 27, but increases in points.
Under the despotic rule of Muammar Gaddafi, the situation for Christians in
Libya was already extremely harsh. There were some freedoms for expat
Christians, who are mostly temporary workers from neighboring African
countries. Black and non-Arab Africans faced racism. Immediately after the
revolution, it was difficult for them as they were seen as possible mercenaries
working for Gaddafi. During Gaddafi’s reign, Libya did not have a real
constitution. There was a book with some legal prescriptions called the Green
Book, but in practice Gaddafi’s will was law. The feared and omnipresent secret
police made sure that restrictions on the organization of church activities and
distribution of Christian literature were enforced and evangelism was
As in most Muslim countries, converting from Islam brings social pressure.
Muslim Background Believers are always at risk from their families; there were
some reported cases of beatings by family members. Most Libyan Christians are
afraid to meet with other believers, as any kind of religious gathering (other
than Islamic) for Libyans is forbidden. Expats are allowed to have their own
churches, but Libyans are not allowed to attend. This last year, many expat
churches had their permits withdrawn, and at least two Christians were
imprisoned and possibly tortured. Christians that are released from prison are
generally expelled from the country.
The revolutions in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, and the military support by
NATO, gave Libyans the courage to fight Gaddafi, who had been in power since
1969. But after a bloody civil war that led to the death of Gaddafi, it is feared
the future will be worse than under Gaddafi. During the uprisings that started
in February and led to civil war, Christians were more open about their faith in
Jesus Christ. These Christians now fear the consequences of their witness.
Because of the unrest, 75% of the expat Christians left the country and it is not
clear how many Christians remain or will return in the future.
The National Transition Council (NTC) that took over after months of fighting
has already revealed its intentions regarding religious freedom by setting a
dangerous precedent. Under their supervision the Saint Georges Church in
Tripoli was ransacked when they took control of Tripoli. Also, two Christians
have been held hostage by the NTC because of importing Christian books. The
NTC is expected to implement sharia law and make Libya an even more Islamic
state than before. The then president of the NTC publically announced a
“democracy according to sharia,” which is a contradiction in itself. This would
make the position of Christians even more difficult than before, in a country
where all citizens were already considered Sunni Muslims by law.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
27. Oman
Oman has seen protests and civil unrest since January 2011, which caused
the deaths of two people. However, after promising to create 50,000 jobs,
allowing citizens more freedom of speech, improving the social welfare
system and changing the cabinet, most turmoil faded away.
There is no visible change in the situation of the local Christians. The Omani
Constitution declares that “the freedom to practice religious rites in
accordance with recognized customs is guaranteed provided that it does not
disrupt public order or conflict with accepted standards of behavior.” Islam is
the state religion and legislation is based on Islamic law. All public school
curriculums include instruction in Islam. Apostasy is not a criminal offense,
but it is not respected by the legal system either, which assumes that all
citizens are Muslims. The very concept of change of faith for an Omani citizen
is an anathema. A converts faces problems under the Personal Status and
Family Legal Code, which prohibits a father from having custody of his
children if he leaves Islam. During the reporting period, deportations of
foreign workers (because of Christian activities) continued.
Almost the entire Christian population (around 35,000) is expatriate; there
are only a few indigenous Christians. All religious organizations must register,
and Christian meetings are monitored for political messages and nationals
attending. Foreign Christians are allowed to discretely worship in private
homes or work compounds. Their facilities are restricted in order not to
offend nationals. Muslim-background believers (MBBs) risk persecution from
family and society. MBBs can lose their family, house and job and even could
be killed.
There was a minor increase in points (now 42 versus 41 for the last WWL) for
Oman which was mainly caused by the above mentioned deportations and by
more information on the constitution and national laws, which are more
restrictive on religious freedom than previously assumed. The small increase
in points does not lead to a higher ranking on the WWL: Oman holds position
42 (versus 41 last year). This apparent paradox is explained by the
considerable increase in numbers for other countries on this year’s list.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
28. Brunei
Brunei is a small state on the South East Asian island of Borneo, embedded in
the Malaysian State. The observation of the small Christian minority has
tightened, thus bringing a slight increase in the country’s position in this
year’s World Watch List.
Brunei Darussalam is an Islamic nation, based on an ideology called Melayu
Islam Beraja (Malay Muslim Monarchy). The religion of Brunei Darussalam is
the Muslim Religion according to the Shafeite sect of that religion. All other
religions may be practiced in peace and harmony by the person professing it
in any part of the country. In practice, this means that only non-Malays are
able and allowed to choose their faith. If a Malay converts, this “disturbs
peace and harmony” and he is automatically scheduled for re-education to
the Islamic faith.
In the reporting period the Sultan announced his aim to introduce an Islamic
Criminal Law which will complicate the situation for the small Christian
minority even further, especially for Muslim-background believers known to
have converted. The monitoring of churches and Christian meetings seems to
have increased. The state sends spies to those gatherings, so Christians have
to exercise more caution. In one case, a pastor was openly warned by
authorities to be cautious with his Christian activites and with whom he
It is very difficult for existing churches to get the government’s permission to
renovate a church building. Permission for expansions is never granted,
whether churches are registered or not. Importing Bibles, Christian literature,
and other materials is restricted to personal use only. Importing for ministry
purposes is not possible. Materials in the national language are especially
suspect and thus difficult to obtain. Accordingly, churches have to be careful;
they experience challenges in training and work.
As long as the state demonstrates preference for one specific religion, denies
freedom of religious choice, and links conversion with peace and harmony in
society, nothing substantial will change for the Christian minority.
Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
29. Morocco
The revolutionary wave that went through North Africa and the Middle East
known as the Arab Spring has also flooded Morocco. In the case of Morocco,
the protests did not bring the monarchy to an end, but King Mohammed VI
had to adopt a number of reforms in order to restore social peace. The protests
were finally subdued in July, forcing the King to vast political concessions,
including government changes, a referendum on constitutional reforms, a
greater commitment to respect civil rights and an end to corruption.
Out of pragmatism, Mohammed VI—who is considered a direct descendent of
the prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam—has given in to the pressure of
the moderate Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD). In the parliamentary
elections that were held at the end of 2011, the PJD obtained a huge victory,
and based on the new constitutional procedures, must now provide a Prime
The Moroccan church is not recognized by the authorities, but the expat
Church is. The expat Moroccan church has always suffered from oppression,
although it was never as harsh as in neighboring North African countries. The
main source of persecution is Muslim fundamentalist influence on the
authorities and in society.
Islam is the official state religion, but the constitution provides some freedom
of religion. There are, nevertheless, a number of practical restrictions in
exercising this freedom. For example, the government prohibits the distribution
of Christian religious materials, bans all proselytizing, and tolerates several
small religious minorities with varying degrees of restrictions. Foreign Christian
communities openly practice their faith. Voluntary conversion is not a crime in
Moroccan law, and is therefore implicitly accepted. However, Moroccan
Muslims who convert to Christianity are treated as criminals by the police and
face rejection from friends and most family members.
Compared to 2011, the situation of Christians in Morocco seems to have
improved a little. Morocco, nevertheless, goes up on the WWL, basically
because Islamist forces are becoming more visible in the country. While 2010
was characterized by big pressures on the Moroccan church and the expulsion
of over 150 missionaries and Christian expatriate workers, 2011 did not see
many incidents against Christians. The authorities dedicated most of their
energy and resources to control the uprisings throughout the country, which
gave them less time to monitor Moroccan Christians and churches.
The Arab Spring gave the younger Christian generation a feeling of hope and
so they are encouraged to struggle for more freedom. The future will tell
whether this hope will become a reality, or if government restrictions will
increase again. “Can Morocco’s Islamists check al-Qaeda?” Le Monde
Diplomatique asked in 2007. This is still a valid question today. The answer to
this question will depend on how moderate the Islamists in government will be,
and if moderate Muslims will be able to form a coalition to withstand the
pressures of al-Qaeda and other fundamentalist groups.